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Online Dating: Time waisters

Online Dating: Time waisters

So I am on a run again, and here we go....!

People turn to online dating for a variety of reasons. They are lonely. They are recently single and want to see what else is out there. They have hear rumors and are curious about it. Whatever your reason is, these are the what not to do.

1. DON'T waste people's time.

Look if you have never gotten serious about online dating, let me tell you straight up it takes a lot of time. Seriously, its like having a second job. As a man you got to be liking and chating 100 different women to get maybe 10 of them to reply to you. Like out of those 10, like 1 maybe 2 might be serious. The other 8 are wasting your time. They want to chat you, and take weeks to "get to know you"... and then never meet you in person. For whatever the reasons, don't waste people's time. If your not willing meet to them after week or two... stop it.

2. If your not 100% sure that you want meet someone then GET OFFLINE.

If you are nor confident about the online process, or you are not really sure about meeting people online in real life... get offline. You are only wasting your time and everyone else's. If you are not willing to commit to the process before you even meet your first person... get offline. Nobody has any time for you and your process, if you need to work on yourself do it offline. Don't connect with a guy, only to discover your not ready to be dating... like if you don't know what it is you want or what your looking for.... get offline.

3. Your to "BUSY"

This is the biggest bullshit excuse in the game. Look you came on line yourself for your own reasons. Now you have connected with someone and your too busy to text , make time for phone calls, or confirm a date and time to meet for coffee... because you're too busy. Look if your life is that busy then you don't have time to be dating... period bottom line. So get the fuck offline... stop wasting everyone's time. Like your going to meet that someone special that's going to totally understand. No seriously, honest, genuine and sincere people will not understand. The ones that do will use you, and leave you.