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Why Men Stopped Wearing Hats

Look at this picture.

Why Men Stopped Wearing Hats

This was taken in 1923 outside of a soccer or football game between West Ham United and the Bolton Wanderers.

Not to step on anyone’s cleats but what kind of a name is Wanderers?

Anyway, you’ll notice that every man in the picture, except for one, is wearing a hat.

And not a snapback or fitted lid with a sports team logo slapped on the front.

I’m talking about a full on Don Draper, let’s get down to business, go home and drink ourselves into oblivion kind of hat.

We don’t see that anymore, ever.

So what happened to these hats?

The History of Hat Wearing

Hat-wearing peaked from the late 19th century to the end of the 1920s.

Back in 1912 men didn’t leave the house without a hat.

And boys wore caps.

There isn’t one sole reason, but many factors contributed to the decline.

So what about today?

Baseball hats are on trend and they serve a purpose, covering up a bad hair day, or, since balding still isn’t entirely fashionable, covering up a bald head.

And of course, going to the ballpark for some peanuts and crackerjacks.